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Sculpting with Play-Doh & Air-Dry Clay

The program aims to help children develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, sensory perception, the ability to match hand movement with eye movement and spatial thinking by teaching the basic sculpting techniques (squishing, rolling, molding, pinching, pounding, flattening, squeezing to name a few). The objectives of the program is to encourage children to explore and convey their ideas through art and storytelling by finding the approach that works; to enrich children’s perception of the everyday objects around them by examining shapes, proportions, color, shapes, size and how the objects relate to each other.

A Lesson Plan for December

1. A Panel “Winter” (a group collaboration)

The objective is to learn to work in collaboration with others while reinforcing some basic sculpting techniques, such as rolling, spreading, pinching, and flattening, and to get acquainted with background, middle and foreground in a landscape as a concept. Using the “winter” color scheme.

2. “A Snowman” Learning how to sculpt by rolling large balls in between two palms, and small balls with the index finger, squeezing and squishing, how to use modeling tools, and how to finish artwork by making it unique (painting & using collage materials)

3. “A Christmas ornament” Creating unique shapes by rolling, flattening, pinching, and pulling play-doh and then assembling an ornament.

4. “A Christmas tree”. Creating a realistic looking Christmas tree with a modeling tool by smooth spreading, rolling, flattening and pressing and then decorating it with whimsical ornaments utilizing previously learned techniques.