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Families Paint T00

There is nothing more special and precious than sharing an experience as a family. Making memories that last a lifetime is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. So, come to paint with us – side by side or work on one canvas together. You will leave with far more than your paintings. Looking forward to making art and memories along with you! 

Families Paint Too classes between 2,5 - 3,5 hour long (we take time to make sure that the paintings are complete).

We strongly believe that EVERYONE can paint (if you can read and write, you most definitely can draw and paint though you may benefit from a few pointers given every now and then). We can assure you that the fate of the world is not resting upon how successful or unsuccessful we deem our artwork to be. That said, if you only wish to sit with your family as they paint, you are more than welcome to – after all the memories we make are about being together.


There are a couple of options from which you can choose to make your family painting time unforgettable.


 Share A Canvas! collaborative canvas experience

family painting time 2.jpg
family painting time.jpg

If you all choose to paint the same image, simply look at our schedule and register for the painting that speaks to you the most. We will paint it along with you, guiding you step by step, answering your questions and helping you if the need arises. Depending on the number of people in your family, you be painting with another family. 

If the dates and times listed don’t quite work for your family’s busy schedule, look through our library of the images, find the one you would love to paint and contact us at 828-246-9869 or email  to schedule your family painting session. 


The cost ​

  • $65.00/person (2 people)

  • $60.00/person (3 people)

  • $50.00/person (4+ people)

If you’d each like to paint something different, add $15.00/person for each different image

If you prefer to collaborate or want  us to design a project unique for your familycallus at 828-246-9869 or email  to discuss with us your ideas and schedule your family painting session.  Depending on the children's age, size of the canvas, number of people painting, allow anywhere from 2 - 3 hours for a free flowing session like this.​ 

We discuss what you feel like painting on that day, and whether or not you may want  to "share" a canvas or if everyone prefers to work on their own painting. We then decide on the canvas sizes to be used and on a theme for the day. We will guide you through the process, demonstrate techniques that would be particularly helpful to you as you work on your paintings and help you if the need arises. 

The cost:

  • $60.00/hour for 2 people;

  • $75.00/hour for 3 people;

  • $25.00/hour per person for 4+ people


* Canvases up to 16”x 20” are provided. There will be at cost charge for canvases larger than 16”x20

family paint night 1.jpg
family paint night 2.jpg
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