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(Parented Class)

16 month old - 4 year old

 TBD* - coming in October


Toddler Art Play is a sensory and art based experience for the child to explore new and engaging activities together at the pace of each individual child. It is not an instructed class. The teacher's role is to set up an invitations to play and to create a safe nurturing environment.

Toddlers will engage in open-ended, messy, discovery based process art play activities that include but not limited to exploring slime, dough, clay, mixed media collage, painting, sifting, and more.


Toddler Art Play runs in six week sessions. Registration is required. 

  • Currently this class size is limited to (...) students.

  • Please, read our COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols here.

  • The Covid-19 Liability Waiver and the rest of the forms need to be completed, signed, and returned to us before the program start or your first class.

*To ensure health and safety of our students, their families and Waynesville Art School staff we are presently staggering the addition of new classes, events, and programs. Please, subscribe for updates so we can notify as soon as we add a program you are interested in that is currently not being offered.