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One Week After

Updated: May 5, 2019

What an incredible celebration we had at our Grand Opening, and thank you for dropping by to share this very special day with us! 

The abundance of best wishes and stunning flowers we received made our hearts to glow with joy and gratitude!  Julie and I are excited to be a part of such a welcoming community, and we are looking forward to the adventure ahead! Our heartfelt thanks also go to the dear friends/volunteers/guardian angels of Waynesville Art School - Lena, Nick, Mary, Sara, Chris, Ron, Paul, Jay, and Ethan - thank you for all your behind-the-scenes-help that day.

Witnessing the space we first saw and envisioned three months ago come to life has been nothing short of magical.  All the fun we had working countless hours to capture our vision and to transform the space into Waynesville Art School, paled in comparison to the joy Julie and I felt this week when we got to greet our inaugural students as they came through the front door. 

As they say, “it’s the not the destination, it's the journey.”  At the end of our first week we are sitting outside, listening to the rain, and reflecting at what has been accomplished. We give thanks for all the goodness that has taken place, and to everyone, who in one way or another, has shared our journey with us.

We will see you next week!..

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