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Is there a painting we’ve done in the past that you’ve been waiting to come around again? Or have you had a painting idea of your own floating around in your head but don’t quite know how to go about it? Is your family in town, and you’d like to spend some fun and quality time together making art and unforgettable memories? Open paint night (or day) is for you then!

Choose from many of paintings that you see in our library or hanging around the school or email us an image you’d been wanting to create “for years”, and come on over - we’ve got everything you need to unleash your creativity and make art!

Cost is $35, all supplies included! Registration is required. If you'd like to schedule an open painting night (or day) that is not on the schedule, call/text or email the school about available dates/times.

Cancellation Policy: We ask that you reschedule at least 24 hours before the class you have registered for. While we can’t give refunds, in the event that something should conflict, we can move you to another class. Unfortunately, if you register and don’t show up for a class, you will still be charged. If plans change, please give us a call at 828-246-9869 or email


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