(For children walking to 3 years old)     

Toddler Art Play is a sensory and art based experience for the child to explore new and engaging activities together at the pace of each individual child. It is not an instructed class. The teacher's role is to set up an invitations to play and to create a safe nurturing environment. Toddlers will engage in open-ended, messy, discovery based process art play activities that include but not limited to exploring slime, dough, clay, mixed media collage, painting, sifting, and more. Toddler Art Play runs in six week sessions. Registration is required. One make-up class per session is offered.

$80.00/6-week session



(AGES 2  - 5)      

Preschool Art Play is designed for children 3-5 years old and centered around the idea of art as play. We believe in the importance of learning through a process-based approach, where the importance of what is created is less important than the experience, and in the learning made along the way. This 6 week parented class takes place on Mondays from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Children and care takers will have an amazing opportunity to share the fun, often messy open-ended art play experiences set up in class.

$95.00/6-week session



Multi-Age Art Play is a 6-week parented class held on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30 pm allows parents with multi-aged children the convenience of having siblings engage in art play together. This class offers parents the perfect opportunity to watch kids approach the same process-based arts activities, but come at them according to their unique development. Please note: Registering with a sibling is not a requirement for this class.


In a nurturing environment Kinder Artists will develop skills and explore media while becoming familiar with the elements of art and prominent figures from art history.

45 minute class


Art Sparklers will explore a wider variety of media as well as hone basic art skills. This program offers further study in the elements of art and introduces design principles, artists and their ideas.

60 minute class

PLAY & MAKE ART                                    *NEW*

(AGES 4-6)      

Play and Make Art is designed for children 4-6 years old and centered around the idea of art as play (as opposed to setting the goal to produce an art object). Each class we set up an invitation to create by introducing new materials and activities that inspire innovative, creative thinking. We facilitate and provide materials for exploration. Art as play is an open-ended, experiential, unstructured, self-paced and unique process-based approach.

60 minute


This class is MOSTLY about sculpting with play-doh and air-dry clay; HOWEVER, there are times when we paint, cut, glue, collage and use glitter! Sculpting is FUN. Sculpting is therapeutic, much like sand play. Sculpting enhances children’s innate creativity and stimulates imagination and curiosity. Sculpting helps the development of fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, spatial thinking and sensory perception.  Come to sculpt with us! To see Gallery

60 minute class



In this class students will learn basic drawing principles with the emphasis on shading, perspective and composition while exploring a variety of materials including acrylics, pencil, charcoal, and printmaking. This is a perfect class for students who are ready to advance their skills to create more realistic, three-dimensional artwork while exploring their own individual style.

75 minute class


Printmaking is varied, repeatable and tactile, with images printed as unique works, as multiples, or as variations, using an array of processes. Beginning level students will be introduced to a range of printmaking methods including relief, monotype, collagraph, and etching.

90 minute class

Our Evening Studies in Art class is ideal for students looking to take their skills to a new level. In this class the students will review and expand on fundamental drawing principles and skills in order to  create more detail oriented artwork with emphasis placed on composition, light, shadow, texture, shape and line. Students will explore various medium and fine art techniques as well as incorporate art theory and history.

90 minute class

Sculpture is three dimensional artwork created by shaping, carving out, manipulating and assembling every material imaginable. This class, in which students will mainly use the cardboard, gum tape, hot glue as well as a wide variety of mediums such as acrylic paint, gesso, paper mache, provides an opportunity to explore the properties and abilities of various materials while focusing on 3D sculpture and the element of form. More info

90 minute class

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