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2021 Summer Camps Cont.

August 2 - 6  (Ages 10+)
Painting, Drawing & More
9:00am - 1:30pm
During the five days of this session, our time will be divided between the classroom and drawing & painting outdoors.  We will make observational drawings and will draw from imagination as well. We will use a variety of materials to learn about shapes, space, drawing techniques, color mixing, paint handling, and printmaking. We will make sculpture drawings, narrative drawings, still-life drawings, large scale drawings, tiny drawings, landscape and botanical drawing, self-portrait drawing. We will explore paint and its many forms to make large scaled paintings, collaborative paintings, self-portrait paintings, abstract paintings, black and white paintings. We will make our own stamps and printing plates – the subject matter could be anything that strikes students’ interest!
The cost: $245.00/week
August 2 - 6 (Ages: 4-7) 
Art Play - V
4:00pm - 5:30pm

This delightfully messy art camp is full of sensory play and art making (with shaving cream and ice, for example). It includes age-appropriate art exploration and instructed projects.  Young campers will enjoy drawing, sculpting, printing, and constructing with varied materials. We have a wide range of projects, topics, and materials to spark the creativity and curiosity of our young campers, so no one (especially returning campers) ever gets bored. Each one of five Art Play camps is unique: Art Play V is NOT identical to Art Play I-IV.


The cost:  $ 105.00/week

August 9 - 13 (Ages: 8+) 
Under The Sea Adventures(*) 
9:00 am - 12:30pm
Find out what’s hiding under the sea and on the beach! Create your own imaginary (or are they real???) sea monsters and learn about real creatures that call this habitat their home. Students will create texture prints, monoprints, paper mache and playdoh sculpture Prints, paintings & drawing will be used to create students’ very own handmade books!
The cost: $195.00/week 
(*)  A half a day option (9:00am - 10:30am) is available for campers ages 5-7: $105.00/week.
August 9 - 13 (Ages: 8+)   
The Land of Unicorns & Dragons(*)  
3:00 pm - 6:30pm 
Come play, explore and create in the land of the fantastic. Explore the friendly and fearsome in fantasy based art. Learn about and breathe life into your own mythological and historical creatures through the visual arts! Build, sculpt, draw and paint unicorns, dragons, griffons, or any other mythological creature, visit faraway lands through drawing, painting & printmaking, and bring back home some treasures you find there!
The cost: $195.00/week 
(*)  A half a day option (3:00pm - 4:30pm) is available for campers ages 5-7: $105.00/week.