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Still Life & Landscape in Black & White

December 5 & December 12, 2020 (Still Life)


Saturdays 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

$70.00 / 2 day session

February 13 & February 20, 2021 (Landscape)


Oftentimes when painting, we may get so carried away with color considerations that we overlook the importance of tone: the lights, the halftones, and the shadows. We then start feeling that we “don’t see color”, “our palette is muddy”, “we are not good at painting”, which, in turn, leads to frustration and rubs us of joy we find in painting in the first place.


Value to the rescue!


Learning to pay attention to three simple tones is a solid foundation for your paintings and drawings. Value is more important than color to the success of a painting. Think of value (an arrangement of light and dark areas) as the scaffolding that is instrumental in telling a compelling story in your painting:  it allows us to create a focal point within our painting, the illusion of depth as well as a three-dimensional illusion of form.  By taking time to work only in monochromatic shades of gray we allow ourselves to focus on shapes and forms that make our composition truly work.


Observation is one of the most important skills that we practice in still life paintings, and it translates well into all your work.


This is a two day class that is a great fit for the beginners and intermediate artists alike: if you don’t know how to start a painting, if you feel challenged to find a focal point, if you feel that your paintings “fall apart”, if you don’t know how to bring your painting to a logical end, this class is for you. I hope you could join us!